facial treatments

Show off your face in all of its natural glory with Bare. Our large range of personalised facial treatments cater for every skin type, and will leave you feeling fresh and ready for whatever comes your way.

pampering packages

Thoughfully put together by the professional Bare team, pampering packages are designed to have you walking out feeling better and brighter than when you came in.

body therapy

Too often neglected, Bare’s body therapies are all about giving your body the treatment it deserves. Experience the pleasure of a body scrubs, hot stone treatment or a massage that will make your muscles sing.

hair removal

Save the effort and look better for longer with Bare’s hair removal services. We offer waxing for men and women, and can perform any type of removal. from an intricate top lip, to long soon-to-be-smooth legs.

ipl hair removal

Why continue to put the effort, time and money in if you’re never going to want hair there? We offer laser hair reduction for all areas of body that will keep your body looking how you like it permanently.

mani and pedi

Get gorgeous nails. At Bare we love delivering manicures and pedicures that look and feel great. We wash, shape, polish, soften and paint leaving you with the perfect look for whatever occasion.

fake tan

Have the bronzed, beachy look without the hazardous time in the sun. Bare’s natural looking, ultra-moisturising spray tans last for 7-10 days, giving you over a weeks worth of glow, both physically and mentally.

make me up

If you need makeup for a special occasion, or want the skills to deliver your own spectacular results, a session with Bare is for you. Makeup for weddings or formal events, or for everyday life with eyebrow and eyelash tinting.

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